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Nucleosil is a totally porous silica packing, which is available with a full range of substituents. For its high quality level it has come to be one of the most popular HPLC packings.
There are a great variety of particle sizes, so that practically all the field of chromatography is covered, from ultrarapid columns with packings of 3μm, to preparative scale, with packings of 25-40μm, the same selectivity being always maintained.
The packings of 3, 5, 10μm are characterized by their well adapted distribution of particle sizes, which produces a high efficiency and great stability in the HPLC columns.
The Nucleosil packings are also distinguished by their great stability when subject to extreme values of pH ,being able to work between pH 1 and 9. These values are unreachable by the majority of silica packings.

Novafix™ Systems HPLC Cartridges
Reverse phase and ion pair chromatography. Shorter retention times than with other reverse phases.
Reverse phase and ion pair chromatography. Separation of peptides and proteins. Lower retention times than for phases C8 and C18.
Reverse phase and ion pair chromatography. High and medium polarity compounds (water-soluble), such as small peptides and proteins, steroids, nucleosides, polar drugs, etc.
Reverse phase and ion pair chromatography. Apolar or moderately polar compounds, such as fatty acids, glycerides, polynuclear aromatic compounds, hydrocarbons, esters (phthalates), fat-soluble vitamins, prostaglandins, PTH amino acids, etc.
Reverse phase and ion pair chromatography. Moderately polar compounds. The retention characteristics are similar to those of C8 fillers but with different selectivity for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, fatty acids, etc.
Reverse phase and normal chromatography. As a normal phase, using low polarity eluents, this filler separates many of the polar compounds that are chromatographed into unmodified silica. Due to its fast balancing speed, CN filler is much more suitable than unmodified silica when working with elution gradients. As a reverse phase filler, CN filler offers a different selectivity than classic reverse phase fillers (C8, C18, Phenyl).
Separation of compounds containing double bonds, such as aromatic compounds, especially polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
This packing has a wide field of application, with three different chromatographic modes: normal phase, weak anion exchange and reverse phase of polar compounds. In normal phase, using hexane, CH2Cl2 and isopropanol as the mobile phase, this filler separates polar compounds such as substituted anilines, esters, organochlorine pesticides, etc. Organic anions and acids are analyzed in ion exchange mode using common buffers (acetate, phosphate, etc.) and adding organic modifiers such as acetonitrile.
Weakly basic anion exchanger. It has applications similar to NH2 fillers.
Normal phase and reverse phase chromatography. DIOL filler is less polar than unmodified silica and is easily wetted with water. Separation of peptides and proteins.
Ion exchange chromatography. Strongly acidic cation exchanger. Capacity approx. 1mval/g.
Ion exchange chromatography. Strongly basic anion exchanger. Capacity approx. 1mval/g.

Teknokroma has designed and developed an original and patented cartridge system for HPLC, which is the result of more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of HPLC columns.

The quick coupling system is required to connect the cartridges and precolumn. Ref. TR-0153233



Available in packings:


Tracer Excel
Tracer Extrasil
Hyperpack ODS
Hyperpack BASIC

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Precolumns for analitical and microbore columns