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Benchmark FTIR Polarizer Rotator Mount

Fit polarizers into spectrometer accessories

Infrared wire grid polarizer rotator mount to attach directly to the standard aperture ports of any optical unit used with Specac Benchmark™ baseplate compatible accessories. Such accessories include the Golden Gate™, Silver Gate™ Evolution, and Gateway™ Horizontal ATR systems, and the Cyclone™ and Tornado™ long pathlength gas cells.

This polarizer rotator is designed to enable polarized light experimentation is to be carried out using any of the aforementioned Specac ATR and Gas cell accessories, particularly if there is limited space within a spectrometer sample compartment.

The polarizer mount accepts the Specac range of Series, 38mm clear aperture, ring mount polarizers. When a polarizer has been installed into the mount, it can be rotated for a particular angular degree of polarized light by adjustment of an outer rotating ring on the polarizer mount itself. 

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