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Clinical and Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis is a scientific discipline that focuses on analyzing substances present in living organisms, such as humans, animals, and plants, through laboratory techniques and tests. The main objective of bioanalysis is to measure, identify and quantify substances in the organism to obtain information about the individual's health status, detect diseases, monitor treatments and evaluate the effects of drugs on the organism. Bioanalysis is used in various areas of health sciences, including medicine, biology, pharmacology, and biotechnology.

At Teknokroma, we offer a wide range of HPLC columns specially designed for biological analytes. Additionally, we offer exclusive rapid and easy-to-use kits from one of the leading companies in clinical diagnostics. In more molecular biology-oriented fields, we provide all the kits and services for DNA and RNA manipulation, extraction, separation, replication and cloning. In the proteomics field, we have a wide range of peptide synthesizers and synthesis services. We also offer products for the purification and extraction of proteins, antibodies and other biomolecules.

Teknokroma is a company that offers comprehensive solutions for bioanalysis in various areas of health sciences and biotechnology.