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Environmental Industry

Air, soil and water pollution have become a growing problem in recent decades. The main cause of industrial pollution is the large-scale burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas, plus poisoned wastewater that pollutes land, rivers and lagoons, not to mention the livestock sector that contributes greatly. Gas chromatography and HPLC coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry have led in recent years to a huge improvement in environmental analysis and monitoring of the most polluting substances in soil and water.

We have gas and HPLC columns and our complete line of chromatography accessories (including GC septa, deactivated injector coatings, syringes and vials), calibration standards, extraction solvents and gas purification products, which are associated with the techniques for most analyses. You will find columns for analysis of volatile organic compounds VOCs, polyaromatic hydrocarbons PAHs, persistent organic compounds (POPs), organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides, PCBs, Dioxins, furans, Nitrites and amines, analysis for sewage sludge, free acids in water, phenols... The effective methods of sample preparation are based on methods such as QuEChERS, which is used for multi-residue and pesticide analysis, SPE extraction column, headspace techniques (HS) and desorption techniques among others.