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Pharmaceutical Industry


The pharmaceutical industry is a business sector dedicated to the manufacture, preparation, and commercialization of medicinal chemical products for the treatment and prevention of diseases. At Teknokroma, we are experts in chromatography and offer a wide range of GC and HPLC columns, as well as all accessories related to chromatography techniques. Applications in GC chromatography include residual solvent analysis performed with our TRB-G43 column, which is chemically inert and has low bleed to guarantee the complete separation of the five solvents regulated by the American USP <467> and European EP 2.4.24 pharmacopoeia methods. We have a wide variety of stationary phases in HPLC and high-purity solvents for chromatography.

Our R&D technology has allowed us to manufacture next-generation columns with high efficiency, resolution, and ultra-fast speed for analyzing active ingredients, drugs, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics, sulfonamides, steroid sedatives, analgesics, amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates, among others. We also offer standards for impurity analysis in raw materials.

At Teknokroma, we supply H2, air, and N2 gas generators for GC and N2 for HPLC-MS. In preparative HPLC, we manufacture columns of various diameters and bulk fillers of various pore sizes for self-filling your column.

In sample preparation, we stand out for our certified syringe filters with lot number imprinting on each individual filter, as well as a wide range of single-use filter vials that provide quick and effective cleaning, ready to use in your automatic injector. For raw material analysis using the IR technique, we offer a complete range of accessories as well as certified UV-VIS cuvettes for calibrating your spectrophotometer. In equipment, you will find a range of dissolution tests, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic options, with an extensive range of dissolution filters and accessories necessary for the technique's operation.

If you are looking for quality solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, trust Teknokroma. Our experience and technology allow us to offer the best products and services on the market.