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Water Safety

Water, a precious and primary resource for our survival. Although it accounts for two-thirds of the Earth's surface, only a small part (0.008%) can be used for food or agricultural purposes. Access to drinking water, which is essential for individual and collective health, is taken for granted, but what is not well known is the daily wastage of water and the degree to which our water is polluted.

Policy decisions in recent years, translated into national standards, regulations and legislation, have had and continue to have the ultimate goal of protecting this commodity by ensuring its quality, quantity, continuity and sustainable costs.

In recent years, OMS has introduced a new holistic approach (sWater Safety Plans, WSP) that shifts the focus from retrospective control of distributed water to risk prevention and management in the drinking water supply chain, extended from the tap to the tap.

To aid those involved in the supply chain, the kits proposed in this section have been developed as rapid and reliable screening tools that allow timely intervention in cases of deviation from recognized limits and parameters.

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