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HPLC Columns Restek

Since 1996, Restek has developed and manufactured liquid chromatography (LC) columns that are trusted by labs worldwide for easy, fast, and accurate results. We offer LC columns for the latest UHPLC systems as well as for your tried-and-true HPLCs, and because Restek is an employee-owned company, we are able to support every instrument platform with the same top-quality products, cutting-edge applications, and Plus 1 customer service.
When it comes to LC peak separations and, most important, peak resolution, selectivity is the most influential factor to consider—and it is what led Restek to develop Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™ (USLC®) technology. USLC® column sets offer the widest range of selectivity in the industry using just a handful of phases to simplify LC column selection for fast, effective method development.
In addition to bulk packings, guards, and hardware, Restek features the following LC column formats:

Raptor™ LC Columns: A new species of LC column that combines the speed of superficially porous particles (SPP or “core-shell”) with USLC® selectivity.
Roc™ LC Columns: LC columns packed with high-purity silica that deliver the solid performance you demand for conventional HPLC applications.
Ultra LC Columns: High-purity, type-B silica that minimizes activity and creates high-density bonding for reliable HPLC use.
Pinnacle® DB LC Columns: Restek-manufactured, base-deactivated silica support that is optimized for UHPLC column stability.
Viva LC Columns: Rugged, spherical particles with a wide 300 Å pore size and narrow distribution that are designed for large-molecule separations.

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