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HT2000H: Headspace Autosampler
Designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of robustness and ease of use, the HT2000H represents the ideal solution for headspace injection in GC and GC-MS analysis.
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The Lowest Cost of Ownership in the market
HT2000H features the lowest cost of operations in the market. No carrier gas is needed because gas is used only for purging between samples. No o-rings or seals to replace, saving hours of unnecessary downtime. No magnetic or special caps are required, because vial transport is positive and reliable. Allows you to instruct the system to shut off heating when the run is completed, in order to reduce electrical consumption.
Straight forward process and productivity
The user places the sample vials in the tray. The vials are picked up by the autosampler gripper and placed in the oven where they are simultaneously heated and shaken in order to facilitate the state change and to reach the equilibrium. Then, the syringe aspirates the head space vapors from each vial and injects them into the GC injector. Finally the vials are automatically put back in the tray while a syringe cleaning procedure is activated. To obtain the highest sample throughput, up to 6 vials can be heated simultaneously in the oven.
Proven superior technology
The high performance, gas-tight heated syringe is a simple and robust system. It eliminates the dead volume and absorption effects, typical of sample loops and transfer lines, which can also impede their detection at very low levels. The HTA syringe-only concept allows for sequential injections, even with samples characterized by highly dissimilar features. Even the most chemically active compounds can be analysed, without needing to change any of the sample pathways. Furthermore, it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes.
User-friendly Touch Screen
The full-color touch screen interface provides easier system accessibility and usability. The touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control for both novices and experienced users. All system parameters and settings are graphically displayed for a quick and easy set-up requiring minimal user training. For routine analyses, the headspace sampler features a one-touch operation: after loading the samples, you just need to push the START button.
Vial Leakage Check and System Integrity Test
To provide additional robustness for your analysis, HT2000H includes important functionalities such as: the preventive maintenance counters, a system integrity test - that can be automatically performed at every batch - and the vial leakage check - a proprietary technology, based on an heuristic procedure, to spot vial leakage problems.
Support to High Temperature applications
The special model HT2000HT features an upper sample heating temperature of 300°C: it enables the execution of high-temperature headspace applications in a syringe-based system, without the constraints and limitations induced by valve&loop systems. The system can handle standard headspace apps (that require temperatures lower than 150°C) while still being well-suited to special high-temperature apps that include analysis of high-boiling compounds and polymers. HT2000HT is the perfect instrument for quality control of chemical product materials and for heat-induced degradation studies.

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