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Ergonomic infrared microscope

The SurveyIR™ is a new FTIR Micro-spectroscopy accessory designed to deliver the ultimate user experience for a broad range of microanalysis techniques. The unique ergonomic design allows seamless interaction between operator and instrument.
The SurveyIR™ compact configuration and alignment free optical design facilitates simple mounting in the FTIR spectrometer sample compartment.
Research grade visual images are produced via a high resolution color video camera. High depth of field viewing optics facilitate quick specimen location and alignment in reflection, transmission and Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) viewing modes.


• Onboard FTIR spectrometer detector
• 5 mega pixel CMOS colour video camera, 2592 x 1944 maximum resolution
• 2X optical magnification yields .7μm/pixel at sample plane
• Transmission, reflection, and oblique illumination modes
• IR Reflection, Attenuated Total Reflection, Diamond and Ge, and transmission modes available
• Variable IR mask : 2000μm, 250μm, 200μm, 160μm, 100μm or, 60μm fixed diameter
• eSpotTM software control of visual illumination modes, visible illumination intensity, ATR contact alert, IR mask selection, and IR transmission/reflection modes
• Manual coarse/fine z stage focus adjust, 1⁄3" minimum working distance 1⁄2" maximum travel
• Manual x, y stage fits 1" x 3" standard microscope slides
• Accommodates commercially available transmission cells including diamond compression cells
• Dimensions : 13.2" depth x 4.3" width x 10.5" height, 10lb weight

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