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• Column specially designed for the analysis of sulphurous compounds (in natural gas, petrol derivates, wines, beer, etc.).
• Guaranteed thermal stability, with low column bleed.
• This column meets USP G1,G2,G9 and G38 requirements.

La Columna TRB-Sulfur, de Teknokroma, tiene la estructura de Poli(dimetil)siloxano, y es equivalente a las fase: Supelco: SPB-1 SULFUR

100% Dimethyl polysiloxane, bonded and crosslinked phase.

Triglycerides, Waxes, Long chain, hydrocarbons, other high basic principles compounds, diesel fuel, high boiling petroleum products, high molecular weight waxes, long-chained hydrocarbons, motor oils, polymers/plastics, simulated distillation


TRB-SULFUR Equivalent Phase

Agilent: CP-Select CB for Sulfur, CP-Sil 5CB for Sulfur
Supelco: SPB-1 SULFUR

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Reference TR-974033
Description TRB-Sulfur Capillary Column, 30m x 0,32mm x 4um
Price 596,99€
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