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Columns / Guardcolumns Unions

• Economical
• Minimum dead volume
• This column-Guard Column connector is the ideal solution for this type of connection, as its dead volume is practically negligible.

Column Coupler – One-Piece, Fingertight

• Zero dead volume connections 
• Self-adjusts to fit all column designs 
• Biocompatible PEEK construction 
• Four bore sizes 

The unique feature of the VICI Jour column coupler is that it adjusts to fit all 10-32 fitting types. No matter what the fitting type and pilot length – Valco®, Waters®, Upchurch®, Rheodyne®, etc., the coupler adapts to bottom out in the pilot automatically, consequently creating only small void volumes. The column coupler is fingertight to 350 bar (5000 psi).

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