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HPLC Tubing

HPLC Tubing 


Diferent types regarding composition:


·Stainless Steel






Stainless Steel Tubing
Peek Tubing
Polymer Tubing Elbows
PEEKsil™ Tubing
Teflon tubes (FEP)
Tubos de PFA
Titanium Tubing

Stainless Steel Tubing

• Precut 316 Stainless Steel*
• The Cleanest, Best Finish available.
• Color-Coded Banding for easy identification.

Precut Stainless Steel Tubing Stainless Steel Tubing Cut by a Comercially available Tubing Cutter File Cut Tubing
Precut Tubing Tubing Cut by a Comercially available Tubing Cutter File Cut Tubing


PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymer tubing

• 1/16", 1/8" and 1.8mm ODs Available
• Biocompatible, Inert and Easily Cut
• Great for High Pressure Applications

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymer tubing is biocompatible, chemically inert to most solvents, and can be used to replace stainless steel tubing in most liquid analytical systems. Unlike stainless steel and titanium tubing, PEEK tubing is flexible and can be easily cut to desired lengths. PEEK tubing can be used with stainless steel or polymer fittings.
The benefits of PEEK polymer tubing include a high pressure rating (up to 7,000 psi in most cases) and a high temperature rating (maximum continuous use temperature of 100ºC).
Additionally, PEEK tubing has a very smooth internal surface, which causes less turbulance than similar sized metal tubing.
Turbulence can cause remixing of separated sample bands and dilution of bands by the mobile phase. Of all our polymer tubing materials, PEEK is the least permeable to gas.

Polymer Tubing Elbows

• Ideal for polymer tubing maintenance
• Help navigate tubing through your system
• Available in 90 or 180 degree angles

We strongly recommend these Tubing Elbows to help you navigate the many lengths of PEEK™ or other 1/16" OD polymer tubing through your system. By snapping these guides onto your tubing, you will guide your tubing around tight corners without crimping.
These tubing elbows are made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and have a self-adhesive strip for easy mounting.

PEEKsil™ Tubing

• PEEKsil™ tubing is mechanically strong and has ideal characteristics for sealing with polymer fittings. It is comprised of high quality fused silica sheathed by PEEK tubing giving it excellent chemical compatibility. We hold it to very tight manufacturing tolerances delivering reliability. It can be an excellent replacement for stainless steel, PEEK, or standard fused silica.

Teflon tubes (FEP)

Teflon tubes (FEP) are chemically inert and are suitable for low pressure.
TEFZEL support tubes working pressures higher than Teflon, but its use is limited to aqueous solutions.
In both cases the material is extruded with a very high precision bearing tolerances of .001 "for the OD for 1 / 16 and .003" for tubing 1 / 8 ".

PFA tubes

• Available in three forms: PFA, High Purity PFA and High Purity “PLUS” PFA 
• ODs ranging from 360 µm to 1/4"; IDs ranging from 50 µm to 3/16" 
• Offers higher purity and enhanced translucence when compared with other fluoropolymer tubes 
Upchurch Scientific® PFA Tubing offers numerous advantages over other fluoropolymer tubing options available today. It comes in three standard “grades” – Standard PFA, High Purity PFA, and High Purity “PLUS” PFA – each discussed below.


Titanium Tubing

In some analytical applications, stainless steel is contraindicated, since it can interact with compounds to be determined. In these cases, titanium is a excellent alternative.
Keep in mind that titanium is an ultrapure brittle material so be careful when bent, besides not use with acids, as it increases its fragility.


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