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Stainless Steel Nut VICI Valco

Valco Stainless Fittings for HPLC and UHPLC

Industry standard Valco compression fittings form stable and reliable connections of 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" tubing in UHPLC applications.

Stainless Steel Standar Nuts VICI Valco
Controlled Radius Nuts

Stainless Steel Standar Nuts  VICI Valco

Nuts with product numbers starting with 'Z' are for use with all standard Valco internal fittings and most valves. They may be used with fittings from other manufacturers as well. The L (long) and XL (extra-long) types are for situations where the fitting head may be otherwise inaccessible or where interference between fittings exists. Standard material is 300 series stainless.

Sold in packages of 10.

Controlled Radius Nuts VICI Valco

These special purpose nuts facilitate a tight bend as the tube exits the fitting, and can also prevent kinks in very thin wall tubing. Controlled radius nuts are available in a range of sizes. Note that the short version (ZSN1R) can only be used in certain applications.

 Controlled Radius Nuts VICI Valco Function

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