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Imtakt HPLC Columns have been designed and manufactured by Imtakt Corporation with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of industry experience.

Imtakt columns give chromatographers high resolution for unique problems.


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World’s first ODS column with Anion and Cation Exchange. Low amount of strong ionic ligands, effective for strong ionic compounds.


  • Scherzo SW-C18
    • Scherzo SM-C18
      • Scherzo SS-C18


The Scherzo family of columns is one of the most unique and versatile series of columns on the market today.

These multi-mode columns utilize reversed phase, cation and anion exchange, as well as normal phase modes all on the same column, virtually eliminating the need for ion-pairing reagents.

Ideal for the simultaneous analysis of polar and non-polar analytes from vitamins, to metabolomics saving time and resources.

  1. Polar and non-polar retention in Reversed Phase conditions
  2. Multi-level retention without ion-pairing reagents
  3. Compatible with LC-MS
  4. Most unique selectivity of any HPLC column on the market today
  5. Wide range of method development possibilities
  6. Can simultaneous optimize organic, buffer and pH gradients
  7. Anion Exchange + Cation Exchange + Reversed Phase + Normal Phase
  8. Low amount of strong ionic ligands, effective for strong ionic compounds

Fully optimized HPLC solution for all your protein separation needs.


    • Intrada WP-RP
      • Intrada Amino Acid
        • Intrada SEC
          • Intrada Organic Acid

The Intrada series of columns are designed primarily for biologics. With a growing trend toward the use of peptides and proteins in pharmaceutical and other therapeutics, the Intrada family of columns is designed to address the chromatographic needs of these researchers. Whether you are looking to separate proteins, peptides or amino acids, the Intrada Series of columns has a solution for you.

  1. Optimized C4-like stationary phase for the separation of proteins (<300 kDa)
  2. Wide pore (300Å) reverse phase column designed specifically for protein analysis
  3. Polymeric end-capping and high efficiency 3µ particle size are ideal for polymers and proteins
  4. Unique packing reduces carryover
  5. Improved protein recovery for polymeric separation
  6. Highly hydrophobic polymer elution made possible by optimal surface polarity

High efficiciency 3µ C18 optimized for Steric Selectivity.


  • Cadenza CD-C18
  • Cadenza 5CD-C18
  • Cadenza CW-C18
  • Cadenza CL-C18
  • Cadenza HS-C18
  • Cadenza CX-C18
  • Cadenza 5CX-C18

The Cadenza family of columns is a high quality series of ODS columns with a ligand density optimized for steric selectivity. These powerful columns are able to distinguish subtle differences in your analytes making it an excellent choice for isomer separation, or detection of impurities. These columns have low back pressure due to the high quality of materials used in their manufacturing. With a unique polymeric end-capping these columns will also provide very little unwanted secondary interactions and better peak shape.

  1. Unique ligand density provides excellent steric selectivity
  2. High efficiency 3µ ODS column with low back-pressure
  3. Excellent for impurity testing or isomer separation
  4. Selectivity ideal for small molecule pharmaceutical testing or drugs of abuse
  5. HT and UP hardware able to operate in pressures up to 1000 bar

World's first ultra-high efficiency 2µ non-porous column.


This is the world’s first 2µ non-porous column. This extremely efficient material works very well for separation of large molecules like polymers, surfactants, protein and even DNA. It has a wide effective analysis range from 5kDa to 50 MDa. Since it does not have any pores,there is essentially no band broadening due to mass transfer effect and no size limit for the compounds that it can retain. We believe so strongly in the value of non-porous columns that we intend to develop an entire line of non-porous columns in the future.

  1. The only 2µ Non-Porous ODS column on the market
  2. Very high efficiency column
  3. No band broadening due to reduced mass transfer effect
  4. Monodispersed particle bed reduces eddy diffusion effect
  5. Can analyze a wide range of compounds from peptides to large polymers
  6. 20 kDa to 30 MDa
  7. Ideal column for protein and large polymer separations

Acid-stable 3µ C1 column


  • Unison UK-C1
  • Unison US-C1
  • Unison UK-C18
  • Unison US-C18
  • Unison UK-C8
  • Unison UK-Phenyl
  • Unison UK-Silica
  • Unison UK-Amino

Low carbon C1 columns have been used for decades as alternative selectivity columns to the use of traditional C18s or when analyzing highly hydrophobic compounds that have too much retention on a C18 column. The weak attachment of a single carbon to the silica surface, has often been a weak point for these columns, making them vulnerable to degradation especially under acidic conditions, such as the use of TFA-containing mobile phases. Our Unison UK-C1 column was developed to address this weakness, utilizing ligand stabilizing techniques we developed in other columns such as the Scherzo or Intrada series. This proprietary process has resulted in the most stable C1 column on the market for use in acidic conditions.

  1. World’s first C1 column designed for stability in acidic conditions
  2. Ideal for highly hydrophobic compounds that retain too strongly on C18s
  3. Allows uniform access to surface silanols for enhanced polar selectivity
  4. Alternative selectivity from traditional C18 columns
  5. Balanced mixture of polar and non-polar retention mechanisms
  6. Lower molecular recognition may give single peaks for branched chain isomers

Highest pH stable silica-based particle column on the market. It’s complete surface coverage also improves peak shape by reducing unwanted secondary interactions.


Dacapo DX-C18 is one of the most innovative columns that we have created. This 2.5µm particle is manufactured by Imtakt and uses our Dual-Matrix Technology, which is a monumental advancement in column design. Other columns boast surface treatments that extend pH stability, but there isn’t anything else out there like Dacapo. All of our columns use a polymeric end-capping, which is already a step above other so-called high pH columns, but with Dacapo, we have taken that concept to the extreme. In addition to our polymeric end-capping, Dual-Matrix Technology then adds several polymer layers on top of that, making this the best high pH C18 available today.

  1. Our first column featuring Dual-Matrix Technology
  2. Most complete surface coverage of any high pH column on the market
  3. 2.5µm particle provides superior efficiency
  4. Extreme polymer surface treatment provides a wide pH range from 1-12
  5. UHPLC-compatible
  6. Ideal for basic compounds
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