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AT Manual Dissolution System

The new state-of-the-art standard: Xtend™ Dissolution Line – modular, scalable, future-proof
Fulfills all Pharmacopeia requirements for USP 1,2,5,6 dissolution methods
Innovative circular bath design for perfect visibility
AutoCompliance™ by design
Large touch screen, 100 methods storage, users rights, USB and LAN interface


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AT Dissolution Bath

Built on the success of preceding SOTAX dissolution systems, the AT can be flexibly configured for USP 1,2,5,6 dissolution methods.
Its unique design combines robust quality components with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee reproducible testing conditions, day after day.
Depending on the required automation level, the AT can be flexibly extended with additional Xtend™ modules – making method transfer for increased throughput requirements easier than ever.

AT Dissolution Bath

MPS Media Preparation Station

Accurate media preparation plays a vital role in all subsequent processes. The MPS Media Preparation Station allows operators to degas, heat, and dispense the exact volume of dissolution media required for each method.
Degassing at the USP and FDA recommended levels, the MPS is a mobile unit assisting in bringing 10 – 20 L of degassed and heated media to your dissolution system. By inserting the dispensing nozzle into individual vessels, precise and gravimetrically validated dispensing of media at 1’500 mL per minute without re-aeration is achieved. Once dispensing has been completed, the MPS can be simply connected to the next DI water inlet to start its automated cleaning routine – while the dissolution test runs.

MPS Media Preparation Station

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Reference SO-15170-01
Description Baño de disolución Sotax AT 7 vasos, 230 V
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Reference SO-15180-01
Description Baño de disolución Sotax AT 8 vasos, 230 V
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