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Teknokroma 2t Head Space Sampler

The Teknokroma 2t Head Space Sampler for Head Space technique within your reach with a low cost and high precision level

The 2t sampler is the first manual system for Static Head Space that allows the application of this technique in a quantitative, manner.
Until now it was only possible to use the technique of Static Head Space with automatic equipment. This “equipment” has a high cost, low versatility and complex operations. For this reason the Static Head Space technique has not been fully used in most laboratories.
The new 2t sampler solves these problems making the technique available to all Gas Chromatography users in a economical and simple way.
It complies with all requeriments of the European CE.


• Volatiles in pharmaceuticals
• Flavours analysis in food and cosmetic products
• Alcohol and other toxic compounds in blood
• Screening of volatiles in all type of environmental samples (soils, waters, plastics, polymers, etc.)

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