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Microvolume Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD-3)

Microvolume Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD-3)
Now with serial control or user friendly interface and control/monitor program on Windows
Enhanced thermal stability
Smaller, compact controller housing
Like our venerable TCD-2, our new TCD-3 is a dual filament, stand-alone unit consisting of the detector housing and separate controller. However, the analog controls of the TCD-2 are replaced with full digital control implemented via a user interface or command console commands. Thermal stability is maintained in the detector to within 0.010°C, producing a stable, low-noise signal.
The TCD-3 controller generates an independent analog output signal for each of the detector filaments. In additional, a referenced analog output signal is generated by subtracting the output signal of one filament channel from the other. Each of these three output signals is provided in two full-scale spans: a ±1 volt scale and a ±10 volt scale.
TCD control program
The Windows-based control program makes it easy to set parameters such as detector temperature and filament power and to monitor unit perforance.

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