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Eclipse™ is a Smart new peptide synthesizer providing the peptide chemist software which analyzes any sequence no matter how difficult the deprotection and coupling. The Eclipse SMART  presents the user with a synthesis strategy in written and graphic display which provides a protocol for each step of the process including deprotection and coupling steps. Our exclusive software is based on an algorithm compiled from AAPPTec′s thirty-five years of experience synthesizing difficult peptides.

The Eclipse is the research scale peptide synthesizer used by novices and experts alike. Researchers need only to enter:

1. Peptide sequence & name

2. Amount of resin

3. Resin substitution

4. Press ″Analyze Sequence″

5. Press ″Run″


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Automatically set up AA synthesis
Smart software predicts difficult sequences and automatically suggests protocol suitable for efficient coupling
Gives flexibility to the expert chemist to modify protocol
Precise delivery of amino acids and reagents
Amino acid pre-activation
Mixing by N2 bubbling
Heating, fast coupling and deprotection available for proven delayed gradient technique
Low solvent usage
Low cost of reagents
Low waste
All reactor, amino acid containers and reagent bottles are all easily accessible from the front
Compact footprint

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