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Focus Xi

The Focus Xi peptide synthesis instrument is an economical training tool and is suitable for preparing small numbers of peptides for research applications.


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The Focus XC is designed to meet the demands of continued medical research advancements. The Focus XCi can reliably deliver volumes as low as 200 µL to support pNA, DNA and RNA synthesis. It can also be used for traditional solid phase peptide chemistry to produce small numbers of high-quality peptides in small quantities.
The Focus XCi is a fully-automated production scale synthesizer small enough to fit on a standard bench top. This instrument is capable of preparing hundreds of grams of peptide in a single synthesis. The Focus XCi is the perfect instrument for preparing peptides for cGMP and up to 100 grams of peptide production. The Focus XCi scale range is 5.0 to 50.00 mmol. Options include additional solvent/reagent lines, 8 additional amino acid containers, heating and cooling reactors, and UV detection.

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