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Aluminium cups and binders for XRF

  • Aluminium cups in 32 and 40 mm sizes, either straight-walled or tapered according to user preference.
  • Binding/grinding additives based on starch/cellulosic materials and boric acid, in powder and tablet form.
  • SpectroPellet films to prevent adhesion between samples and die surfaces.
Aluminium Support Cups
Binding/grinding additives
SpectroPellet films

These collapsible cups are designed to support the powder while it is under load within the die. The aluminium deforms with the sample and results in a strong, supportive backing for the finished pellet. These cups are available in different sizes and starting shapes.

These additives contain different compositions of starch/cellulose or boric acid and are effective in binding powders together during compression. They are mixed with the sample powders during the milling/homogenising process to ensure a thorough blend prior to pelletising. The low-Z elements used in these binders ensure that they are not detected by the XRF instrument


Binder composition

Binder composition


Some powdered sample materials exhibit tendencies to adhere to the pellet die surface during the briquetting operation. This condition frequently results in repeated attempts to form a satisfactory sample briquette with increasing potential threats of cross contamination and elaborate time consuming clean ups. A novel approach to resolving this problem is by using SpectroPellet® Film in pre-cut circles. Available in 32, 35, and 40 mm sizes.

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