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Teknokroma was founded in 1978 in San Cugat del Valles - Barcelona as a result of the entrepreneurial ubility of 5 professionals who created a joint venture in the Chromatography sector, orientated to the manufacture and sale of GC columns and consumables.

From its very beginning the company started to be the exclusive representative of some of the most prestigious brands in the field of chomatography, at the same time manufacturing its own products and consumubles. This made o solid base for immediate emnsion and development.

In 1986 Teknokroma bought the Tracer Analitica company (specialized in the manufacture of HPLC columns), and started its diversification plan with the creation of de Spectroscopy division. (UV-VIS, AA.,ond IR), the first of the 9 current divisions of Teknokroma.

In 1990 the company bought its present headquarters in Sant Cugat del Valles. This comprises 2.000 square metres of installations and laboratories. lt also invested significantly at this time in R&D, collaborating with Universities and oficial centers as CDTI and CIDEM in the area of Copillary columns manufacture.

In 1995 Teknokroma initiated export of its products to other parts of Europe, and in only 3 years opened its first international office in Porto.

Today Teknokroma is present in more than 50 countries world wide and continues to progress with the consolidation of its divisions, the company evolution in the area of new technologies, and adapting its corporate identity to the new company reality so it can better express its company values, of proximify and customers orientation