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Meta.X5 Triazine

• New formulation of Meta.X5 stationary phase. Ideal for separation of Triazine herbicides from EPA 609 method.
• Low bleed and excelent inertness for the analysis of traces of herbicides by GC/MS.
• General purpose column for pesticides.

proprietary phase

silphenylene phase, selectivity similar to TRB-5, bonded and crosslinked phase

Triazine herbicides EPA 619
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30 m (1)
Column ID
0,30 mm (1)
Film Thickness
0,25 µm (1)
Reference TR-410232
Description Meta.X5 Triazine Capillary Column, 30m x 0,25mm x 0,25µm
Price 892,04€
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showing 1 of 1 products