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• USP G43.
• Fulfils specifications of the American (USP) and European (EP) pharmacopoeia for the analysis of residual solvents
  (OVI) in pharmaceutical products, USP method <467> and EP method 2.4.24.
• High inertness and low bleed guarenteed.
• Specially tested for complete separation of the five solvents regulated by USP Method 467.
• For USP <467>, pharmacopoeia recommends the use of guard column of 5m (P/N TR-200055) to trap the nonvolatile
  impurities in the sample.
Las Columnas Capilares TRB-G43 de Teknokroma, tienen la estructura Poli(dimetilcianopropilfenil)siloxano, son compatibles con las fases: Agilent: HP-1301, HP-624, DB-1301, DB-624; Supelco: SPB-1301, OVI-G43; Restek: Rtx-1301, Rtx-624; SGE: BPX-624; gAlltech: AT-624; USP Nomenclature: G43

94% Dimethyl- 6% cyanopropyl-phenyl polysiloxane, bonded and crosslinked phase

Impurities of Ethanol
Residual Solvents
Residual Solvents (1)

TRB-G43 Equivalent Phase

Agilent: HP-624, DB-624, CP-Select 624 CB, DB-624 UI
Supelco: OVI-G43
Restek: Rtx-G43
SGE: BP624
Phenomenex: ZB-624

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30 m (1)
Column ID
0,53 mm (1)
Film Thickness
3 µm (1)
Reference TR-163035
Description TRB-G43 Capillary Column 30m x 0,53mm x 3µm
Price 675,00€
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