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Clinical diagnostics

The natural progression for Icgene-Enbiotech is in the field of in-vitro clinical diagnostics (IVD). The continuous growth of our scientific know-how in the biomolecular field will allow us to undertake and achieve this important goal.

The skey words that express our concept of a diagnostic system that have distinguished us to date and that we intend to pursue with renewed commitment in the field of human health are: sEasy, usable, accurate. All this will be possible through the continuous application development of our sIcgene platform: an innovative combination of our instrumental systems sIcgene Health and Icgene plus kits that will be developed shortly.

Through the use of our sIcgene systems, we intend to simplify the performance of hitherto complex and articulated diagnostic investigations, making them simple, fast, son time and performable both within and outside of laboratory environments, and with real time data and sharing of results. In short, a real interpretation of sPOC (Point of Care) systems.

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